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2012 Archives http://www.sixers4guidos.com/table/2012-articles/ Mon, 26 Sep 2016 22:24:54 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Nice but not sufficient http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/march/game44mia.html http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/march/game44mia.html Exciting, yes. But not enough to get a win.

Sixers couldn't complete what would have been a comeback for the ages against such an elite team and lost 78-84 to the Heat, for a ridiculous 10th consecutive loss in the regular season against Miami.

The "funny" thing about this game is that the Heat won it despite scoring just 27 points in the second half (!): this can be possible when you build a 27-point lead at the break.

It was your typical "Tale of two halves" NBA game: Sixers were the protagonist of the second half, but Miami unfortunately had the final word.

The first two quarters were simply horrible for us: I lost the count of the missed layups and unfinished fastbreaks we had, while after the game I learned that we remained withough a field goal for 7.45 in the second quarter (...).

Defensively, nobody could stop LeBron James (18 on 8/11 at the break), Iguodala had another tough night (in the pic) after having struggled against Granger.

When Mario Chalmers closed the second quarter with a three for the 30-57 I thought it would have even got worse from there on. Only 3 offensive rebounds with 33 missed shots (!!) weren't exactly a great sign of vitality, also, or something to build on.

But I should have known better and these guys proved me wrong once more. (more after the break) ]]>
sixers4guidos@gmail.com (Ricky - Sixers4guidos) March Sun, 25 Mar 2012 20:53:12 +0000
Box. The F. Out. http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/february/game36okc.html http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/february/game36okc.html Giving up an offensive rebound to the opposing point guard (!) off a missed free throw (!!) is not a good way to lose a game.

But that was the final, decisive play of Sixers' 88-92 L to Oklahoma City, fourth stright at home (21-15, .583).

I am not blaming Iguodala, who couldn't keep an athletic freak like Westbrook far enough from the ball on Durant's rare miss from the line with 4.9 seconds left.

At least I am not blaming only him: Westbrook finished with seven under our glass.

Thunder's edge under the boards was simply unsustainable all night long: 56-39 at the end, but 26-12 at a point in the second quarter. At the break our total was 13, while they had 11 only at the offensive end...

That of course way a key factor in such a close game, but another one were free throws: 34 attempts vs 12 is simply ridiculous, same for the -16 differential in points scored at the line.

Want more weird numbers? This game provided us with a plenty of them. (more after the break) ]]>
sixers4guidos@gmail.com (Ricky - Sixers4guidos) February Sun, 11 Mar 2012 14:58:48 +0000
No stops, no answers http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/march/game43ind.html http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/march/game43ind.html It may sound weird that we lost the game due to a small 7-0 run at the end of the THIRD quarter, but that's exactly what I think.

Back-to-back threes by old "enemy" Danhtay Jones and George Hill gave Indiana a 83-75 lead and great momentum that was carried on into the fourth, so that Sixers could never overcome that deficit.

Speaking about Jones, yes, he is the same bum player that already killed the Sixers a couple of times abusing Lou Williams in the low post. Not known for being a three point shooter, though...

Anyway, Sixers fell 111-94 at Indiana after playing one of the worst defensive games of their season.

It may happen, so I'm not going to complain much, especially with a record that still says 25-18 (.581).

Sixers couldn't get a defensive stop all night
, and Indiana cruised to what should be considered a quality win, on their part.

But many things went ok for Sixers, starting from the comeback of Spencer Hawes, making his first appearance on the court after February 6th: Sixers' record with him before this game was 12-2, 13-15 without...

Hawes (in the pic) looked ok after such a long break, he was moving well (for his standards I mean, lol), and I think he can only get better.

The offense was ok as well, Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner were terrific, combining for 16/20 (!!), same for Brand, whose jumper was finally falling. (more after the break) ]]>
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Best medicine http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/february/game35det.html http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/february/game35det.html A blowout win on the road is perhaps the best medicine for an ailing team.

After the All star break Sixers simply trounced the Pistons, getting out of "the D" with a 68-97 W, to snap a five game losing streak (21-14, .600).

It's the third time that Pistons are buried under a 20+ grave this year, so yes, it's safe to say that playing Detroit is fun.

This game was won already in the second quarter, when Thaddeus Young and the rest of Sixers' "reserves" (in the pic) rallied past Detroit.

Young scored 12 in the period, including two "and one" plays, and Iguodala knocked down two threes, one while being fouled: the 34-50 halftime score basically put the game out of reach for our opponents.

A late burst by Lou Williams in the third, closed at 53-75, turned the fourth quarter into pure, delightful, garbage time.

Many positives to take from this game, besides the final score I mean. (after the break) ]]>
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Sixers win brick party http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/january/game21orl.html http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/january/game21orl.html ap-201201301951715158260Overall, ugly, if you want to be fair.

Surely the accidental NBA fan didn't "savour" it, and probably he switched on another game after watching few plays. Because 68-49 with 5 minutes left sounds more like an italian league game, or your standard Euroleague crap.

But for 45 minutes, it was exciting. At least from a Sixers' fan perspective.

The final 3 minutes? Scaring. Maybe awful. Or awfully scaring. Alwasy from the same standpoint, I mean.

The 74-69 W over Orlando was all of the above to me.

Sixers (15-6, .714) put together a heck of an effort to pull out a quality win against a-fading-still-surely-talented team, but the final 3-4 minutes left a really bitter taste in my mouth.

Maybe its' better to remind immediately what went wrong, in order to close this with the (many) positives.

So after Evan Turner basically closed the game with a nice low post turnaround jumper (+19, 5.23 to play), Stan Van Gundy waited a couple of possessions and finally pulled Dwight Howard out (69-51, 2.52 left).

From there on, Sixers did everything possible to piss fans and coach off - losing the game wasn't actually doable....

No defense, no rebounding, open looks missed, bricked free throws (including one that didn't even hit the rim), careless plays. The same defense that kept Orlando to 49 points in nearly 45 minutes (!!), gave up 20 in the final 3.19. Amazing uh? (positives after the break, don't worry...) ]]>
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Only one team at the MSG http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/march/game42ny.html http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/march/game42ny.html
And that was your Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers, showing up in the NY matinée.

Five straight losses for the Knicks, three straight wins for the Sixers (25-17, .595).

If you watched the game (94-106), it didn't take much to understand why.

You had basically a team, a real team, facing a "bunch of strangers", as the immortal Larry Brown would say.

"Play the right way" vs "Play like crap", also.

Of course now it would even too easy to make fun of Knicks' superstars (= Melo and Stoudamire), that watched the whole 4th quarter sitting on the bench, or their whole team, loudly and deservedly booed by the Madison Square Garden crowd.

Luckily I am not a Knicks blogger, so I'll (happily) focus on my team.

Sixers played a solid all around game, with the right mix of intense defense and smart, effective, sometimes spectacular offense - at least for the first 39 minutes. (more after the break) ]]>
sixers4guidos@gmail.com (Ricky - Sixers4guidos) March Mon, 12 Mar 2012 01:46:36 +0000
Slippery when wet http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/february/game34hou.html http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/february/game34hou.html ap-201202222206795878823Even Houston has a closer.

Hard nosed Kyle Lowry, that is. Taking my hat off to him.

It was the Philly native point guard with three phenomenal plays down the stretch to give Rockets a 93-87 W in the last game before the All Star Game.

So Sixers slipped, a couple of times literally, to their fifth straigh loss (20-14, .588).

Rockets outscored us 10-3 in the last two minutes of the game, in which we weren't able to make a single field goal. If you think you have already seen this movie, you are right.

Lowry had an impressive sequence with two extremely tough "and one" plays completed, both drives that made it 86-84 and then 89-85, that sandwiched a charge he took by Thaddeus Young on the defensive end.

On the following possession Williams slipped for the second time in the night and stepped out of bounds, and the game was over.

It's disappointing because this (ugly) game could have been won and Sixers did many things well, some extremely well.

The defense was there, again, and kept Houston scorers were quiet for extended stretches. Too bad Kevin Martin exploded for 14 points in the final period, after having just two on 1/5 in the first three quarters, and Lowry had that final explosion. Rockets scored 32 in the fourth.

Sixers won the battle under the boards, also (40-38), whis is remarkable considering they were without both their starting big men again. Rockets were held to ZERO offensive rebounds until late in the third and finished with four. (more after the break) ]]>
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Triple joy http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/january/game20det.html http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/january/game20det.html ap-201201282036741802813A triple double (by Iguodala, 10-10-10, eight of his career), a rain of threes (a stunning 9/15 from behind the arc), to celebrate Sixers' 95-74 W over Detroit (14-6, .700) and... Iguodala's birthday !

Yes, another blowout win on the second night of a back-to-back, following the one against Charlotte.

And another lowly opponent, yes.

Pistons suck the big one, let's be honest, they won't score to save their lives. No perimeter shooting, no transition game, poor ball movement.

But what can you do? Nothing, just beat who you are facing and look forward to the next one.

That's exactly what Sixers do, so no need to downplay them, talking BS about the "easy schedule" etc etc

Yes, we met few NBA powerhouses so far, but all those victories against subpar teams are coming in a convincing way, at least in my opinion.

Sixers basically outplay these below .500 squads in every aspect of the game: intensity, defense, energy, hustle. And, most of the times, for 48 minutes.

What more can you ask? Honestly.

The Pistons game was no exception. (more after the break) ]]>
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Pesky and peskier http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/march/game51uta.html http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/march/game51uta.html ap-201203092030738368976
Pesky are the Jazz, by tradition.

A team that never gives up, plays D, plays hard 48 minutes, on every possession, that is able to stay close even when trailing, and tough to put away.

Peskier were the Sixers, that were patient enough to continue playing, minute by minute, and finally make a decisive run against such a competitive opponent.

Final score: 104-91 W over Utah, but it wasn't easy for the Sixers (24-17, .585).

It took quite a lot, basically three quarters of old fashioned, hard basketball, because the Jazz responded every time Sixers tried to make a run.

But the 6-0 little break in the final minute of the third gave us a 78-68 lead that Utah couldn't overcome in the final period.

Not easy, surely not nice either (the pic is a good sample), but these kind of games wins should NOT be underrated, I think, because it's through them that you build a winning mentality, and a winning team.

Other noticeable facts: (after the break) ]]>
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Next time, wake up earlier http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/february/game33mem.html http://www.sixers4guidos.com/2012-articles/february/game33mem.html Trailing by 21 points in the first quarter when you are playing on the road may easily result in a defeat at the end: like 89-76 in Memphis, say.

Your Hawes-less, Brand-less Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers lost their fourth straight (20-13, .606) mainly due to a terrible start of the game: the score was 15-7, 27-7, 30-9 and finally 30-10 Grizzlies, largely helped by our 4/20 shooting in the period.

Sixers actually fought back nicely and made it a game already in the second (it was 47-42 at the break) but were never able to complete their run(s), always stopped by a bad turnover, a makeable shot missed or a big basket by Memphis.

For example late in the third Williams knocked down a (horribly forced) three to make it a four point game late in the third (64-60).

Well, Grizzlies responded with one of the most unlikely 5-0 runs you'll ever see: a three by Pondexter - currently 4/20 for the season - and a layup by Haddadi (** insert curse **), to close the quarter up nine, 69-60.

Same story in the fourth: again, Williams hit another three for the 74-70, but Grizzlies connected with two big treys to take a 80-72 lead that essentially was never threatened.

Many weird things happened in this game. First off the starting lineups.

In Brand's forced absence, Collins decided to give seldom used Nocioni a start (!!) at PF but pulled him after less then six minutes and never used him again. This was probably meant as a way to keep Thaddeus Young coming off the bench and at least try to use some argentinian toughness against Grizzlies' tall starting frontcourt of Gasol and Speights. (more after the break) ]]>
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