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Most Hated rankings

This page is dedicated to who I hate the most. Players, coaches, managers, commentators, here is a short list of NBA people I really love to hate.

1) Rick Fox (1969 – …still alive, unfortunately)


Damn, I really hate you Rick. It’s not that you played your entire career with Celtics and Lakers, which would immediatley qualify you as a jerk, to say the least. It’s not the fact that you actually won three rings, which would confirm one more time that a basketball god doesn’t exist. It’s not that you banged (we guess) and were married for quite a long time with former Miss America Vanessa Williams.

It’s that I simply hate you, because you sucked as a player just as much as you suck as an actor (?) but you always acted like you were a Hall of famer. You thought you were a tougher Scottie Pippen but you were only a nicer Mark Madsen. F’ you, Rick.

2) Gary Payton & Antoine Walker (tied)

I don’t think I have to explain why I hate those two. Well, since you are interested, I hated Payton because he has always been cocky for no reason. He entered the League  stating that “players like me and Magic Johnson don’t come out every day”. The king of trash talking had a good career but was on his verge for a sad and well deserved end of it when his Lakers were destroyed by Pistons in the 2004 Finals. Those five games were one of the best shows I enjoyed in my career as a hater.

But the best was yet to come: Payton’s poor performances in the 2005 playoffs with the Celtics were something I will never forget. Indiana won the series 4-3 and he played so bad that I was almost moved to tears. Too funny.

The next year he signed with Miami and actually contributed to the first ring of the Heat. F’k that !!! And f’k him !!!!!!

The story about Fatoine Walker is similar. The only black player who couldn’t jump a newspaper (ok, I’m not considering Marc Jackson) has been an All star and has won a ring. Does someone have an explaination for that?

The “shimmy” he created is so lame that I wouldn’t even comment. I would like to remember here that “In a game against Cleveland during the 2002-3 Walker shot 0-10 from three-point range, the most 3-point attempts by a player in one game without a successful conversion.”, trying to forget that “in the 2002 first round playoff series against Philadelphia, Walker knocked down six three point field goals in the second quarter alone, the most ever in one quarter of a playoff game”.

F’k you, Fatoine.

3) Kobe Bryant

The fake-smile, thug-wannabe, diamond-buying cheater is so arrogant and stupid that he doesn’t even deserve to be at the top of this list. The best punishment for his ego will be reading this list and watch himself behind those three bums. F’k him.