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Ok, THIS is the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers logo:


Fine, right? Yes, now (2009/2010 season). Because unfortunately this storied franchise for nearly a decade (1997-2009) used this crap:


Notice the vast use of non-Sixers colours (gold, black...), see the lack of identity, detect the pathetic attempt to be "modern", up do date, trendy etc... pure BS. Thank God we got rid of this.


Sixers - like Lakers, Celtics, Knicks and Bulls - are a storied franchise, they don't need to follow trends, fashion etc. Sixers are a trend, by simply being themselves. Meaning they should basically stick to their tradition: colours, logo, jerseys.

I know there are a lot of fans out there who followed Sixers4guidos in its "go back to the Sixers' tradition" (successful !) campaigns: this because all Sixers fans are diehard, knowledgeable fans, who know the glorious history of the team and don't want to see it screwed by "creative" minds or "genius" designers. We've been through this, and had enough if it.

Since we are talking about Sixers logos, it's my pleasure to post a nice pic of the first, basic one. It still fascinates me, and it dates back to 1963 (until 1977). Neverending glamour.