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Written by Ricky - Sixers4guidos | 27 October 2009

Some small steps towards the season opener.

1) Dei Lynam will not be Sixers' sideline reporter anymore. She will stay in studio for pregame and post game shows, while a new girl, Jaime Maggio, will replace her on the court. Honestly I am never much caught into these "media gossip" news, I don't care much.


Of course this Jaime clearly has guido roots - and looks cute, see the pic - so she will get at least my respect, but I always found Lynam pretty good. There is a latin saying that goes "promuoveatur ut amoveatur", something like "promoting (someone) in order to move (him)": well, not sure this is the case because the studio job is a better one, I guess. So congrats to both of them for the new role.

2) I purchased my Int'l League Pass subscription. Hope the 150 dollars will be a good investment.

3) on ESPN I found this nice Uni Watch preview by Paul Lukas, covering all NBA teams. Here is what he's saying about the Sixers:

Good news in Philly, where the Sixers have switched to a really nice retro-ish uni set. They've also resurrected their old ball-shaped logo, which will appear on the new shorts. Meanwhile, the team's alternate road uni has been mothballed. Further details here and here.

Welcome aboard, Paul.

Don't mean to brag or anything, but further details, and the complete story of Sixers uniforms switch(es), can be seen here.

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Written by Ricky - Sixers4guidos | 22 October 2009

Just released via Sixers' official Twitter4guidos:

Announcement soon we've exercised the 3rd-yr contract option for Marreese Speights & 4th-yr contract options for Thad Young & Jason Smith.

Is this really news? Don't think so. Even Billy King wouldn't have screwed this.

We need to keep the young core together and get these guys growing.

We will see more of this:

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Written by Ricky - Sixers4guidos | 20 October 2009


Few days left before the start of the regular season.

It means there is still time for some (usually wrong) predictions.

Sixers hold currently a 5-1 preseason record. I couldn't catch a single game so far, but even if I did, I wouldn't consider that. "Pre" is the key word... so let's not get carried away.


2rd in Division (behind Boston)
7th in Atlantic (behind Orlando, Cleveland, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami)

Unlike last summer, I don't have great expectations this year: maybe this could be a smart way not to be disappointed at the end.

The best thing would be to see the young guys that form our core continuing in their progresses and the team playing some fun bball.

I think the upcoming one would be a transition year for Sixers, with a new coach, new system, new starting PG, new starting lineup and key players (Brand, but also Jason Smith)coming off injuries. It would be nice to get to the playoffs and perhaps winning more than the usual two games.

2010 in my book will be mainly a step towards 2011, when we will be (hopefully) major players in the FA market, with Green's and Dalembert's contracts coming off the book (= a 23 million dump).

But then again, I never saw a prediction about the Sixers becoming true.

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Written by Ricky - Sixers4guidos | 20 October 2009


This is the kick off !!!

Three years after the first post of the old site, Sixers4guidos has a new layout, new features, and a new domain.

Basically, it's a brand new blog, that left the old free blogging platform to join the Bloguin network.

It's a huge step up, obviously. I hope that loyal Sixers4guidos readers will follow us also here, and that new ones will come and join the crew.

I would like to really thank Dave, Derek and Ben @Bloguin for the patience and the huge help they gave me in setting the new site up. Without them this wouldn't have been possible.

It took a damn lot, and I take all the blame for the delay, but it's blogging time again, finally.

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