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Pesky and peskier
Pesky are the Jazz,
by tradition.

A team that never gives up, plays D, plays hard 48 minutes, on every possession, that is able to stay close even when trailing, and tough to put away.

Peskier were the Sixers, that were patient enough to continue playing, minute by minute, and finally make a decisive run against such a competitive opponent.

Final score: 104-91 W over Utah, but it wasn't easy for the Sixers (24-17, .585).

It took quite a lot, basically three quarters of old fashioned, hard basketball, because the Jazz responded every time Sixers tried to make a run.

But the 6-0 little break in the final minute of the third gave us a 78-68 lead that Utah couldn't overcome in the final period.

Not easy, surely not nice either (the pic is a good sample), but these kind of games wins should NOT be underrated, I think, because it's through them that you build a winning mentality, and a winning team.

Other noticeable facts: (after the break)
  • Five players in double figure, nine scoring points. Nothing new? Good.
  • Evan Turner with the second straight great game, perhaps not coincidentially our second straight win: 16 + 12 + 6 in 43 minutes, a career high tied
  • the shortened rotation. With the emerging of Turner, Meeks is losing minutes, and if he doesn't get his shot back quickly he is destined to have some DNP CDs soon, I'm afraid.
  • Lavoy Allen played less than one minute, and while his situation is obviously different than Meeks', I think that he has to man up if he wants to see the floor more.
  • bad officiating, really. Blown calls, late calls, non calls. Too many for an NBA game, in my opinion.
  • Iguodala and Turner found each other many times nicely. The completed alley oops are the most spectacular prove of what I am saying, but overall it looks like they are "clicking" as a duo. Two similar ball handlers playing unselfishly. Encouraging.

Player of the game? To me a tie between Iguodala (10 + 10 + 7 and a perfect 5/5 shooting), Turner, Young and Williams, whose offense was terribly efficient (21 points in 25 minutes on just 10 shots).

But Holiday had also a good game, at least offesively.

Bring on the Knicks, our confidencs is back.