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No stops, no answers
ap-201203142046748095687It may sound weird that we lost the game due to a small 7-0 run at the end of the THIRD quarter, but that's exactly what I think.

Back-to-back threes by old "enemy" Danhtay Jones and George Hill gave Indiana a 83-75 lead and great momentum that was carried on into the fourth, so that Sixers could never overcome that deficit.

Speaking about Jones, yes, he is the same bum player that already killed the Sixers a couple of times abusing Lou Williams in the low post. Not known for being a three point shooter, though...

Anyway, Sixers fell 111-94 at Indiana after playing one of the worst defensive games of their season.

It may happen, so I'm not going to complain much, especially with a record that still says 25-18 (.581).

Sixers couldn't get a defensive stop all night
, and Indiana cruised to what should be considered a quality win, on their part.

But many things went ok for Sixers, starting from the comeback of Spencer Hawes, making his first appearance on the court after February 6th: Sixers' record with him before this game was 12-2, 13-15 without...

Hawes (in the pic) looked ok after such a long break, he was moving well (for his standards I mean, lol), and I think he can only get better.

The offense was ok as well, Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner were terrific, combining for 16/20 (!!), same for Brand, whose jumper was finally falling. (more after the break)

What went wrong?

  • Iguodala couldn't stop or even limit Granger, something we have rarely seen, because usually Andre simply deletes the Pacer when they meet
  • we were dominated in the paint (37-26 rebounding edge for Indiana), with Hansbrough and even a bum like former Sixer Amundson contributing to control the glasses and finishing well inside
  • bad officiating, also. Not saying we lost because of this, obviously, but the "home cooking" was pretty evident
I didn't like that Doug Collins waived the white flag with 3.27 remaining and I didn't like Lou Williams' game and shot selection at all, but I will just turn the page and think about the upcoming game against our nemesis, the Miami Heat.