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I'll take any W
ap-201203022148784866525It was "only" the Warriors? I don't care.

Without Stephen Curry? I'm sorry, but at this point of the season I don't care either.

At the end of the day all that matters is Sixers beat Golden State 105-83, to snap a four game home losing streak and to improve their record to 22-15 (.595).

Third straight game with six players in double figure matters, also, as a sign of a balanced team that plays as a unit. All stars - TRUE all stars I mean, lol.. - are not needed. In these games, I mean.

Williams' night was simply spectacular, and in the fourth quarter he was a joy to watch: he scored fifteen points, with one of the three made treys taken from waaaay behind the line.

Twentyfive points on only fifteen shots (in the pic) are remarkable, but Lou also added three dimes vs zero turnovers, to continue on a pace he's been keeping nearly all season.

But Iguodala played a heck of an all around game as well, and even Brand put together a 8+8 third quarter.

If you take out Evan Turner (a missed layup and an airball in an "off" night"...), all Sixers played well. The best thing to me was the 51-39 rebounding edge, after the collapse under the boards agains the Thunder, with rookie Lavoy Allen finally take care of business defensively with efficiency.

Hitting eight of seventeen from three point range didn't hurt, obviously. (more after the break)

Sixers celebrated the 50th anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point game in the best way they could.

Speaking of the Warriors, I have few thoughts to add.

  • their uniforms are simply fantastic. Love the old school touch, the simplicity of the colors and the logo.
  • I never thought Biedrins could fall like this, he has always been a serviceable big man, averaging basically a double double in three straight seasons just few years ago. He's just 26 !! What happened? And with the more defensive minded Mark Jackson . Maybe a change of scenario would help..
  • not a great fan of Monta Ellis, and this game didn't make me change opinion. People that are/were in favor of the Iguodala-for-Monta rumored trade should seriously have their bball knowledge questioned. For some stretches Iguodala even guarded Ellis, that to me is a talented player, even fun to watch, but more of a volume scorer that THIS Sixers team really doesn't need.
Hey, maybe I wouldn't even trade Lou for Ellis :-)