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Now this is closing them


(Late post 3 of 7)

It was harder than I thought, and it took a lot, but Sixers eventually came out with the expected W over Minnesota, 110-100, to improve to 31-30 (.508).

Few points to recap this:

  • 10-0 run to finish the game in the last 2.30 minutes, from 101-100 to the final 111-100, to me the best news of the night
  • phenomenal game by Iguodala, with a ridiculous 22-10-13 triple double
  • six in double figure, again, three of which came off the bench: it speaks volumes of our balanced attack
  • fellow serbian Pekovic looked like a good player, while Love is a beast

I couldn't watch the 125-117 OT W over Golden State, that put us two games above the .500 mark for the first time this year (32-30, .516) - more after the jump.

Few points here as well:

  • second straight triple double for Iguodala, that's terrific, I have to take my hat off to him
  • SEVEN players in double figure this time (it was the Warriors, I know...)
  • great game by Turner, apparently, with 8 of his 20 points scored in overtime
  • two long, tough threes knocked down by Monta Ellis in the last 10 seconds of the regulation: only the Sixers... But we were able to overcame that.

All promising signs for the rising Sixers