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Rod Thorn blogger conference call


Today I had the priviledge of joining a group of bloggers that included Depressed Fan, Liberty Ballers, 700 Level, Recliner GM, Philadunkia ecc (all links to their sites in the blogroll), in a 30 minute conference call with Rod Thorn set up by Sixers' PR department, that I'd like to thank again for the opportunity.

Today's conversation btw came few days after the one we had with Evan Turner.

Here are some points that were discussed:

1) He is NOT concerned about the number of minutes that Iguodala logged in this summer and during the last World Championship in Turkey. He said Andre played "a significant role" in a championship winning team and will come really high to the Sixers now. He (Thorn) talked often to coach K and he was always very positive about Iguodala

2) (answering to my question about how he would describe Sixers' situation from a financial point of view after the Dalembert trade). He said Sixers' are "a cap team" but not a luxury tax team. Of course he was not in charge when the trade was made, but Thorn said that by getting Hawes and Nocioni ("he can help") the team tried to move in a different direction, especially offensively.

3) speaking about trades (win now/long term), he said he made a lot of trades in his career and they usually come "when it's less expected". He always has an open mind and looks to improve his team.

4) asked about who has better value, Iguodala or Melo (in terms of $/y) Thorn said it's like comparing "apples and oranges", because Melo is one of the best scorers in basketball while Iguodala is an all around player that can rebound, pass, defend etc. (In Turkey) Iguodala proved he can play with great players, he added.

5) Thorn said that the realistic goal for the team is making the playoffs. And "make a connection with the fans". Last season was such a down year that left a bad taste in people's mouth but there are a lot of chances to put a good product on the floor. They didn't want to "dismantle the team" of last year (= obviously they thought it was mainly a problem of bad coaching...), they want to be as competitive as they can

6) Concerned about the age of Sixers' players? He said he thinks the prime for most of players is between 28 and 32 but it's hard to predict when such young guys will be at their best. He is impressed by our coaching staff anyway (= thinks they will teach well).

7) Strengths/weaknesses. Thorn referred to flexibility and depth as strenghts, many players can play in different positions, our wing players are talented and athletic (uhm, I think already heard this... LOL). He said that "obviously" a lot will depend on how our bigs will play. Attitude is great. He forgot to tells us the weaknesses though...

8) (my question). At the end of the upcoming season he will be happy if... the team will "play hard" and connect with the fans (again...)

9) about last draft - that he took part to as Nets' president. Nets scuots "loved Turner", thinks Favors is "not ready to play now" but he will be "a prototypical PF" in the future. The pick New Jersey made was his decision.

10) (my question) Thinks Miami is the best team in the East because has "two of the best three players in the League", that can "play unselfish and draw fouls", while Bosh is a "Top 20, maybe top 15" player. Heat are doing well in signing veterans now.

Check Sixers.com for the full trascript, it will be up later. Thoughts?