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And we lost to this team?

af60e67cfbf24136a2e8e2a63603114aLate recap #2...

Pretty hard to believe, but Sixers had lost against the same Pacers team that was destroyed 101-75 for our first win of the season (1-4, .200).

Not much to say there, it was basically a total blow out win sparked by Hawes (!), who started hitting all of his first three shots (!!), inluding one from behind the arc (!!!). Got is, right?


To be optimistic

1) we won't finish 0-82, which is pretty encouraging (j/k, just making fun of negedelphians...)

2) we were very aggressive from the start, attempting eleven free throws in the first quarter alone 

3) fantastic defense by Iguodala on Granger, he simply deleted him (1/10 at a point, including a great block). Andre sticked to his opponent, didn't fall for Granger fakes and made him every (outside) shot tough. Granger fell out of sync quickly

4) good job by Speights, finally effective under the boards. He showed that he knows how to box out

To be worried

1) seriously, how could Indiana beat us few days ago? It was the same team !! Horrible night for the Pacers, four free throws at the half and 32% from the field might give you an idea of their poor, lazy effort... (more after the jump)

2) Indiana is the best team to let you fill your stat line, to adjust your numbers... unfortunately I'm afraid this could't be considered a meaningful test


  • the Kapono-Dunleavy matchup that we had the privilege (?) to enyoy was something for the ages...
  • Williams-Iguodala-Kapono-Young-Speights was the unlikely lineup to start the fourth
  • 25 + 12 + 4 for Brand, can't complain about that...