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Sixers trade stiffs with Bucks

8c022b8573914a58e7362ae40ff899e6-getty-90040772dd003_nets_sixersSixer Nation exhaled as GM Stefanski sent Ivey and Brezec to Milwaukee in exchange for Jodie Meeks (who ????) and Francisco Elson.

No, not the son of the former Spur, who won a a title with San Antonio back in 2007, but  THAT Elson, the NBA champ himself, now 34 y/o, averaging under 1 point per game (still, more than Brezec, 0.9 vs 0.7....)

Excited, uh?

Sadly, Royal Ivey (in the pic) is by far the best player in the trade. Like this, we lose out best three point shooter (50%, 12/24, lol..).

Meeks is shooting 3/18 in February (6 games, 44 minutes) and is averaging 4.1 ppg on 36% from the field (!!). He makes 650k, in the first of his three year rookie deal. I know NOTHING about him, to be honest with you.

What will this trade change? Nothing, except the surnames in the inactive list when the entire roster is healthy. Can't wait to read the team's official press release or listen to Stefanski's statements and know the reason why they did this.

Of course, the emerging of Holiday, paired with Iversons' signing, made Ivey even more useless that he used to be at the beginning of the season, when Lou Williams was the projected starter, and Holiday (+ Green) his backups. Hey, I still don't know how he had three games with 14-16 min in February, only with Jordan.. he played pretty well, though.

Primoz "gangsta" Brezec was clearly nothing but a 15th man and the main effect of the trade is the value of his pics in a Sixers uniform skyrocketing. I have one, and I will NOT show it to you.

What was the reason of Sixers basically standing pat ??? I have the feeling Stefanski was being honest when he said that he would make a trade only if it could make the team better, and not just to unload salary. He really didn't "blow it up". He felt that the value that he'd get in return wasn't high, worth the risk.

I think the main consequences of this (non) decision will be (after the jump):

1) Jordan remaining our coach until game 82.

2) Sixers making a "nice run" to end the season, like winning 50% of their remaining 29 games.

3) Sixers continuing to play the veterans (Iverson, Green etc) way too much, hurting the other players' development

4) due to the "strong" final part of the season, management thinking that the team is close to being "competitive", and not make any significant move in the offseason

5) ** grabs his nuts, following a typical guido tradition, hoping for the opposite ** perhaps Jordan remaining at the helm also in 2010/11 because "he deserves another chance"... ** by only thinking that, throws up **

Bye Royal, you were a really horrible player, but a nice dude that always worked hard and behaved professionally, so you have my respect.

Bye Primoz, you were.. just a stiff, I'm sorry. Have fun in Wisconsin.