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Evan Turner blogger conference call


Today I had the opportunity to join a group of bloggers in a conference call with Evan Turner set up by Sixers' PR department (thanks to Michael Preston for this).

It was an enjoyable chat of around 25 minutes, the full trascript will be published soon on Sixers.com (EDIThere it is), but here are some things that were said.

My questions to Turner, in an awfully guidoesque english, were:

Speaking of your game, in what areas do you think you are "NBA ready" and what are those that do you think you have to improve the most

Turner said he thinks he is NBA ready as for mid range game, rebounding and he added that he possesses a good bball IQ. While he believes he has to work on his shooting range and defense.

I think this team will struggle in rebounding the ball, do you think you can help in this even if  it's not the primary part of your game.

Honestly didn't get everything he said, but the point was that he thinks he can do that and believes that rebounding needs a team effort.

Do you see yourself as a member of USA national team one day and do you think you would fit well in int'l competitions, with different rules

He said that Team USA is loaded with talent at his position but he thinks he can play well in those competitions but the priority is "today" (= NBA).

Did you watch many Sixers games from last season and what do you think the team was missing.

He said he didn't watch many (good for you, Evan...) but injuries & youth played a big role.

Do you think Lakers are still the team to beat or do you see Miami as favorite for the title.

He said Lakers because they won last year. 

Last question I put was if he reads NBA blogs and his answer was "No". Evan, you suck (LOL).

Other points that were covered:

- if he had to compare himself to an NBA player, he'd pick Brandon Roy (now this is interesting)

- he signed with the chinese shoes company because he sees this as "an opportunity" and he plans to build his own brand (cool ! Marbury part II?)

- he thinks his Summer Leagues struggles came because he wasn't confortable playing so much off, w/o the ball

Waiting for the full text to be released soon, to have a clearer picture, but the impression I had is that of a good guy, willing to work hard and with very clear ideas about his future.