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Sixers seen from a Cavs fan

(Ok, first welcome back Marreese Speights ! Sixers said via Twitter that he's "listed as probable tonight", even if he is expected to play only "limited minutes". Nice news anyway, we need this guy)

Think the Warriors game can't be considered serious? Want a tougher test to prove that Sixers are really getting out of their slump?

Here come the Cavs !!

And what's better than talking about the upcoming opponents with a guy that actually knows them very well? And blogs them?

Here are the thoughts I exchanged with my buddy Brendan Bowers, that runs Stepien Rules, the Cavs blog of the Bloguin network

My witty (?) comments, in italic, follow his answers.


S4g: do you think that Cavs with this roster are true contenders or they should make a move or two in order to get to that level?
SR: I think the Cavs are true contenders with this roster, but a couple things have to occurr.  J.J. Hickson, for one, has to emerge as the ahtletic 4 that's needed to effectively guard opposing PF's like the Rashard Lewis' - who crushed the Cavs in the ECF - and Jeff Green's of the world, who he couldn't slow in the Cavaliers last game against OKC. 

Besides Hickson, Delonte West has to emerge and be the Delonte West of last year...or just close to the Delonte West of last year...because they need his help as an additional playmaker, and perimeter defender. 

(Kinda disagree here, I think Cavs are a stud SG and/or a PF away. To me, Magic are better if healthy)

In case, what are you guys still missing, what has to be added ??
Beyond the stretch 4, and the playmaking off guard, as described above, the Cavaliers don't have a true PG on their roster. I wanted to see them sign Earl Boykins and bring him off the bench with the second unit, but that didn't happen (he signed with Washington). You can't have everything though, and Mo Williams, Delonte West, and LeBron James are all capable of running the point at times in Earl's stead.

(I still think they need a better PF. And speaking of PFs...)

How about you guys trade for Elton Brand? He's still effective and would give you a low post threat... no?
I would take Brand.  I'll give you Zydrunas Ilgauskas' expiring contract for him...deal?

(deal !! Let's check the next Cle-Phi flights) 

I guess you haven't watched the Sixers much this year (lucky you). What's your perspective of our sorry ass team from there?
My perspective is this...what the heck is going on over there??  You read the names on the roster, and you think, geez, these guys will be tough...and you add Iverson to the mix, and the roster starts off Iverson, Igoudala, Elton Brand, Lou Williams, and so on...and I know Williams' is hurt...but as I write this Monday night, you seem to have not won a game since Igoudala hit that buzzer beater in the playoffs last summer. 

Too much talent to be this bad...that would be my take...oh, but I am happy that I picked Eddie Jordan's name out of the hat in my office's "next NBA coach to be fired pool." 

(Agree, especially on the "too much talent" part. But I think Eddie Jordan's job is pretty safe, despite all evidences that he sucks)
What's your take on the whole Iverson story?
I am rooting for AI...and I hope it ends somewhere with a playoff berth...probably too deep a hole already this year, but maybe next year, a 7th or 8th seed, win a game, Iverson goes off for 25, and then he retires that summer. I have followed AI's career since Georgetown, and while people can say whatever they want about him, nobody plays harder than Iverson (in games obviously)...sure he's got some issues, but who doesn't. 

I am glad he's back with Philly, especially because I didn't want it to end the way it looked like it might a few weeks ago.  He's a HOFer, and he's done too much for the game whether people admit that or not for him to not have a better exit.  I watched the game when he first came back and he just looks right in Sixers gear, and for whatever reason, I thought it was cool he kissed half court too.  I hope he can re-invent himself...we'll see.

(nice words, love that perspective. Great to see that Allen has a lot of fans among knowledgeable guys like Brendan)
What's the latest update on the "steps allowed to LeBron James for his drives" rule? What did we reach, six?
We reached 6 for LeBron the day after the rule came out that Kobe and D-Wade were allowed 9. You can say what you want about LeBron, but he does not get superstar calls.  I know people probably just read that sentence and considered me to be the biggest moron / homer around, but I swear to you, if you watch every game, you will see that he does not even get the calls he is supposed to...let alone the ones MJ got.

He looks like a crybaby as a result arguing calls he didn't get, I understand that, and agree to a point.  But the underlying issue with that is that the officials do not know how to officiate James, just like they didn't know how to officiate Shaq when he came into the league.  He's too strong...the impact of most fouls don't move him.

(fair enough. True that about the calls - and also about the crybaby, lol - , I remember just vs the Sixers he got clearly bumped a couple of times and the whistles were silent)

Thanks Brandan and let's meet tonight !!

Ouh, and just in case you had not enough of the pre Sixers-Cavs talk, here is the link to where your fav guido blogger replies to Brendan's questions about the Sixers.