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Welcome home Bubba Chuck !!


Philly loved you, Philly loves you. Tonight it will show.

I loved you, I still love you. 

You are among my favorite Sixers ever. Up there with Doc J, Andrew Toney, Charles Barkley, my man Manute Bol.

Yes, I was against signing you, and I still think this move will damage us more than it will help us. I wouldn't have done it.

But tonight it will be emotional, reguardless of the final score, or your stat line. Who cares, at 5-15...

Tonight is your night, I hope you will enjoy it at its best: you'll see a packed arena, a crowd of (otherwise pissed off, or even uninterested) Sixers fans cheering you, applauding you, expressing all their nice feelings towards a guy that is just happy to be back in his hometown, playing basketball. They wanted a reason to go back to the arena, Now they have it: the reason is you.

I think you are a great player but also a fantastic person, that got a lot of undeserved crap in his career from journalists, "experts". Yes, you made mistakes, like any other human being, but the good thing is that you were always smart and honest enough to admit it. Few NBA players have the balls to do that, their ego often prevails.

I am 100% sure that whoever had the chance to know you personally would tell that you are a really good guy.

I live too far away to get caught into the (boring) Iverson haters/groupies debate, always found those kind of arguments pretty meaningless, stupid, on both sides. I watched you many times on a bball court and I can say I hardly remember anything more exciting that the Iverson show. 

So no room for hating or even criticizing tonight. Just not the case. We will go back analyzing things more rationally, basketball-wise, starting from tomorrow.

December 7th in Philly is Allen Iverson's night.

I'll join you guys, with my heart and my soul.