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Two streaks that must stop

654fadaeb70fd69394145dcd59b7f419-getty-90041153sc012_phila_bobcatsThe first one is obviously that of games lost, that after the 106-105 loss at Charlotte reached nine (5-15, .250).

The second streak, that is just as worrying, is the one of 'missed last second shots'. First it was Lou Williams at Washington, then Iguodala at Dallas, last night Iguodala again. All pretty good shots, contested but still with nice looks, doable I mean: all off the mark.

So count among the many things that these Sixers lack also a "closer", the go to guy at the end of games.

I know Iguodala hit three buzzer beaters in his career (@Minnesota in his rookie year, @Memphis two years ago, @LA Lakers last year) + another couple of decisive baskets in the last seconds of (even big) games, like last year @Orlando in the playoffs.

But he missed WAY more than the 5-6 shots we can count in his favor, therefore I don't think any Sixer fan would say that Iguodala is a realiable scorer at the end of the games. He's 'hit or miss', really. Clutch players are something different.

'Interesting' statement by Eddie Jordan from NBA.com's recap:

"I know Andre made a shot before in his career but I don't know if anybody else has done that on this team," Jordan said of having a guy to make the final shot. "That's what we're lacking. At some point it's on me, too. I've got to find some other sets to get a better shot"

'AT SOME POINT' ???????? LOL !! It took this man 20 games before criticizing himself for the first time, what a joke.

Speaking of Jordan, there is an online petition asking to fire him. As much as I criticized Jordan here, I disagree with that, and will try to make a post about the subject tomorrow, explaining why. In a nutshell, my thought is: it's true that Jordan is a mediocre coach and has A LOT of responsabilities for this situation, but firing him will only make things worse. But if you are interested, well, sign there.

Quick step back to the Charlotte game. Every team that squanders a 10 point lead with little more than 4 minutes to play against a weak team, must blame itself. Sixers led 89-99 against the 7-11 Bobcats - that were coming off a loss against the 0-18 Nets, btw... - and found a way to lose the game.

Playing without Jrue Holiday (and Williams, and Speights), Sixers gave a good effort one more time, playing hard for 48 minutes. But they couldn't finish the job because they committed costly mistakes down the stretch, just when Charlotte looked done.

Bobcats stayed in the game because they went to the line a lot, scoring easy points with the clock stopped. Sixers committed a lot of fouls at the beginning of the fourth and were in the penalty soon.  

Also, Charlotte took advantage of Sixers' slow rotations and poor defense, allowing an open three (Diaw, 102-103) and two layups (Diaw 104-103 + Felton, the decisive basket for the 106-105 with 4 seconds left - in the pic). All of the above in three of Charlotte's last four offensive possessions, with less that 1.30 minutes to play. To me, that's simply unacceptable (more after the jump).

I've read somewhere some analysts saying that Jordan didn't put the best defensive lineup for those plays: I have to disagree with that: we had our best shotblocker in when Diaw and Felton finished their plays just under the rim, to name one.

I don't blame the coach more than I blame the players. Young couldn't stay close to Diaw, Green and Dalembert were blown by Felton. Previous to that, Brand totally lost Diaw for the three that put Bobcats back in the game. A 'total team effort', dare I say.


1) No, Ivey shouldn't be much happy after getting a DNP-CD in a game where our two PGs out. 

2) Yes, Willie Green played an incredible third period, hitting 7/7, including a banked in three pointer at the quarter buzzer: 20 points. He got burned by Felton in the fourth, but he was the only reason we made a nice run. 4 assists versus 0 turnovers is also remarkable, playing in a position that isn't his.

3) Yes, we let even Charlotte join the usual three point party, allowing 52% from behind the arc (9/17). Diaw going 5/6 is f'n unbelievable, only the Sixers... FYI Charlotte is 28th in the NBA as for shooting pctg, with 43% overall...


1) Did Thaddeus Young finally realize that rebounding is important? Apparently yes: 8 boards is a nice contribution

2) Why does Nazr Mohammed play well only vs us?

3) When will Carney get out of his shooting slump? We need some points from him.


Why we lost the game

Lack/absence of killer instinct, terrible defense on the last plays.

To be optimistic

Uhm, I am running out of them. Ok, maybe Thaddeus Young continuing in his good stretch, or Iguodala playing a solid all around game. Kapono was terrific in the second quarter (5/8) but missed a couple of big shots down the stretch.

To be worried

Uhm, too many to list them all. The main one is perhaps that, even considering all the troubles shit we are going through (injuries, poor coaching etc), we are losing a lot of games to weak opponents: Washington, Charlotte, Memphis... The fourth quarter collapse is another big one.

Monday is Iverson's comeback day but I'd lie to you if I'd say I am excited.