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Sixers not done with losses: make it 8

5e0035840c59ca690b5ee91a68366107-getty-90041121lm025_sixers_thunder(Very late recap, sorry, had some "real life issues". I'm posting it only to keep track of all games)

Eighth consecutive loss, 10th in the last 11 games, and this time against a decent - not more than that - team: 117-107 at Oklahoma City. Sixers' record is now 5-14 (.263).

One of those losses that are hard to believe if you look at our boxscore: 50% shooting, 16/23 (61% !!) from behind the arc, 94% from the line with only one miss in 19 tries.

But then come the negatives. Outrebounded? Check, 43-29. Outassisted (assuming this is a word)? Check, 25-16. Outcoached? Check. Our two best rebounders, Dalembert and Brand, played a combined 48 minutes, while Willie Green got 40 (not a knock specifically on him this time, he played ok).

More. Outhustled? Check. Thunder grabbed 18 offensive rebounds (!! see also "outcoached"...), a key to shift balance in their favor. Zero defensive stops when needed? Check.

Another loss tough to swallow, after an even enjoyable game in which Sixers led for most of the first half, and stayed close until the last 4 minutes.


1) Yes, believe it or not Sixers started the first quarter hitting 6/7 from downtown. They were 8/12 at halftime.

2) No, Iguodala could NEVER stop Durant. Durant even got to the line a lot, I think more than his usual average.

3) Yes, Thunder's jerseys are among the worst ones I've seen in many years. White-orange-blue + some black lines. Simply horrible combination of colours.


1) Why is Green starting, WHY? What's the infatuation with the "small ball" bullshit? I-T- I-S N-O-T W-O-R-K-I-N-G for God's sake !!!! Play the big men more !!!!!!! 

2) Why do we have this ability to turn scrubs and/or role players into all stars? Nick Collison looked like Olajuwon last night, same for JJ Hickson vs Cavs, or Blair vs Spurs. To me Collison was their MVP; a factor coming off the bench. Do you see a pattern here? Yes, they are all energy (big) men. Hello, any coach there ????

3) How sweet is to meet the Sixers? Westbrook had a career high 15 dimes, while Oklahoma City's 12 made threes were "only" a season high.


Why we lost the game

See above. Perimeter defense sucked once more, they had more energy, intensity, and made the right plays down the stretch, just when we stopped playing team offense and went for several 1-vs-1s or forced shots. But now Iverson will stop this (lol).

To be worried

We lost the game shooting unbelievably well, especially from 3 point land. Our coach has no clue on how to use his assets and is a poor "HR manager", destroying players' confidence - or what's left of it - with his rollercoaster distribution of minutes (Dalembert, Brand, Smith, Holiday, Carney, Kapono...) and his continue changes of lineup (again, Brand, Smith, Holiday etc), that are only partially caused by injuries. All hustle playes were theirs.

To be optimistic

Holiday showed once more he got talent. Shooting was unbelievable, but we couldn't take advantage of it. Young regained his touch.

Sixers meet Charlotte on Saturday, last road game of this long, awful trip.